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By staying at one of our 500,000+ hotel selections, you are entitled to receive HUGE reward points from bookpanorama.com. This reward points can be exchanged to many different products & services that suits your lifestyle. Please check our website regularly as we are adding new products from time to time.


  • You have to be bookpanorama.com member, to be able to receive and utilize your reward points. If you have not registered as our member, please click here.
  • You have to complete your stay &complete your payment at the hotel, in order to use the reward points


After you have completed your booking at bookpanorama.com, a significant proportion of the total price that you will pay at the hotel, will be converted to "Pending Points".

These pending points will become available, at most 90 days after you have checked out& completed your payments to the hotel.


Kaffein place to pamper the Indonesia coffee lovers. In addition to offering a variety of coffee variants, non-fresh coffee and other beverages, caffeine also provide snacks, heavy meals or dessert that you can eat a dish to accompany your coffee.
Waterbom Jakarta offers advanced water purification process that unique and without chlorine. Water quality is a very friendly environment and good for human health, especially the skin, eyes and hair. Waterbom Jakarta is very fitting and exciting for you who want to play water. The Urban Cool Waterbom Jakarta located in Pantai Indah Kapuk provides a lot of water entertainments
Suka Suki is Southeast asian food restaurant in Indonesia are having the concept of All You Can Eat Suki, serving a variety of vegetables, homemade meatballs, fresh Australia Sirloin beef, fried wonton and also you can choose a soup with two options, Tomyam and chicken broth. Besides enjoying the All You Can Eat Suki, there is another menu that can be ordered through the menu book. Some of favorite menu such as Grouper Thai sauce, Fried Kwetiau Penang, Crispy Kale and Thai Ice Tea.
Get tired after a long day of work? its time to relaxing the muscles at Footsie Reflexology. The professional therapists at Footsie will help to rejuvenate the body which have a special massage techniques that will improve blood circulation.
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